Our purpose: to achieve an inclusive society that guarantees the full exercise of the rights of people with physical and organic disabilities



COCEMFE’s Mission is to achieve the full inclusion and active participation of people with physical and organic disabilities in all areas of society, through the promotion, defense and claim of the exercise of their rights, as well as coordination, representation and promotion of its Associative Movement, thus contributing to the construction of an inclusive and diverse society..


A representative organisation that is socially recognised for its values and its leadership in the exercise of people’s rights and in social change, generating a positive impact for society.


Principles and Values:

The values of COCEMFE that inspire the Mission, Vision and the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 of the organization are the following:

  • Defense of Human and Social Rights of people with disabilities and their families. Commitment
  • Equality, Equity and Social justice
  • Freedom. Self-government and Self-representation
  • Participation and Democracy
  • Responsibility. Quality, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability of results
  • Integrity and Independence
  • Solidarity
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